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Jeffersonville is a city in Southern Indiana, and of all cities in this region, it is most likely the one with the fewest "hicks". While it does have many cornfields, downtown Jeffersonville is actually a nice place to spend the day. There is an amazing view of the Ohio River and Louisville, Kentucky. I wouldn't quite call it a tourist destination, but if you were going somewhere and Jeffersonville was on the way, you might want to stop there if you have a bit of extra time. The majority of people there are very nice and know much history about both the region itself and most of the world. Sadly, along with many other Southern cities in Indiana, the "hick" stereotype is often addressed to Jeffersonville. However, you have to go up a bit farther to find "hicks". That said, you won't find many around here--it's just like any other small city; some people are ungodly intelligent, and others aren't. Some people have obnoxious heavy southern accents...most don't. Some people are complete imbaciles...and again, most aren't.

Jeffersonville has some nice local restaraunts, especially downtown. So if you happen to be traveling and need something amazing to eat with fair prices, you're in the right place.

If you happen to be moving to Jeffersonville, don't be discouraged just because it happens to be in Indiana. There is actually lots of nice housing, and you'll probably end up with some of the most friendly neighbors you could ask for. No, you aren't going to live on a farm wherever you go. You're going to live in a nice house, just like anywhere else on Earth.

Most people in Jeffersonville are well educated, and tons of them are relatively athletic. Most of the schools in Jeffersonville are nice and up-to-date.

The neighboring cities of Jeffersonville tend to be a bit more "country". This does not mean that they aren't nice, though, as on your way out you might want to stop in Clarksville or Louisville, especially if you're looking for a few small attractions or food.

It's not my favorite place in the world, but that doesn't mean it isn't great.
Jeffersonville is probably one of the most useful cities in Indiana, as well as not having many "hicks".
by ToasterOvenExpressIGuess August 23, 2009
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