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Back door

1) A secondary entry/exit door, normally located at the rear of a propety.

2) A slang term for the anus
1) Glenda's back door was jammed shut, so she had to call the locksmith in.

2) Tom fucked Glenda, up the back door
by Coffee_addict July 18, 2004

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1) A foodstuff, normally consisting of a bottom, and sometimes, a top of pastry, with a fruit or savioury filling, eaten for dessert or as a main dish.

2) A slang term for a prostitute

3) A woman, who wears too much make-up, stilletto heals, very short skirts, and tight revealing tops, often in faux-animal print, and generally has too much flesh on display, thus revealing herself as 'sexually loose', or a slut.
1) The French Deli. sells the best strawberry tart.

2) The tarts often hang around this street.

3) The lady over there is tarty: Over 40s should not wear leather mini-skirts, and dagger heels.
by Coffee_addict July 18, 2004

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That's why our trains in the UK are soo *good* then.
Do you love

(a) delays?
(b) cancellations?
(c) exurabantly high fares?
(d) getting robbed/raped/murdered?
(e) Crashes (if you are really lucky)

If you answered yes to one or more of these, then you really should start taking the train, not the car.
by coffee_addict November 07, 2004

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