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The Cobrashark is eclectic and thrives on being self- sufficient in all things aesthetically pleasing. Often masked without explanation, this individuals interests include sharks, the lost art of chivalry, and aerodynamics in facial hair. Cobrasharks are consistently elusive and often become an object of affection to those who enjoy a good balance of honey and venom. The enigmatic mystery that is the Cobrashark is endangered, but lives in the moment, relying on shark-a-tactics to preserve its own position in society.
"I'm leaving you, for Cobrashark."
by Cobrashark February 03, 2010

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The beavpoon is an accelerated hybrid version of the beavcoon (half beaver/half raccoon legend), only with the added allure of possum characteristics. There has been no film or photographic evidence of this ellusive creature to date, however, eyewitness accounts claim the border of Santa Monica and Los Angeles to be the epicenter of beavpoon territory. It is believed that the food truck revolution in the area contributes to beavpoon origins, providing nutrients and the proper vitamins for it to flourish, remain powerful and virtually undetected. Beavpoon enthusiast Jill Vasky aptly named the creature in 2010 due to exhaustion at work.
Don't come over after 6, beavpoon might be out.
by cobrashark September 27, 2010

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