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Its when you mix Sprite & Dr. Pepper. It's not always a good thing usually gross. It describes someone who is not a "Heather"/Plastic (from mean girls)

coined by the Drag Queen 'Carmen Carrera' who was a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 EP 12
Ugh that girl is such a sprepper!
by CmeDiG April 05, 2011

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when you are ready to quit something but then start seeing it in a new and positive light
A week before High School was over I got Graduation Goggles. Even though I hated everyone I went to school wtih.
by CmeDiG April 11, 2011

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Pre-Unemployment is the worst part of graduating without a job offer.
by CmeDiG April 05, 2011

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Since you have not yet been employed full time you are not considered unemployed by the government. This describes the limbo period from when you graduate from College/University and you find a job.

Generally a "Pre-Unemployed" person moves back in with their parents and works odd jobs until a career in their field of study is found.

It is usually a soul crushing period of ones life.

In recent years due to the Recession the number of "Pre-Unemployed" people has grown tremendously.
Thank god I got a job offer before graduation, My sister didn't and she has been Pre-Unemployed for almost a year.
by CmeDiG April 05, 2011

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