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A Message board is a rag-tag collection of pretentious douchebags. Any type of social reject will be found on an message board. For instance,
1. Nerdy Crybabies.
2. Internet Tough-guys.
3. Racists.
4. Passive-Aggressive Assholes.
5. Aggressive Assholes.
6. Tools/Try-Hards.
7. Perverts.
8. Misogynists.
9. Dorks.
10. Basically anyone who the world is a better place without.

Any kind of normal person will eventually be driven away by the circle-jerk of a clusterfuck of nerds stroking each others egos.
Types of people you will encounter on a Message board:
Nerd 1: Anyone who doesn't baby me through life is an asshole.
Nerd 2: I agree, the world is full of meanies!
Nerd 3: I'm a badass, I'm tougher than you! Everyone sucks except me!
Nerd 4: I'm 35 years old and I'm still afraid of the dark, can someone hold me?
by Clip June 05, 2006
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A Soccer Mom is a dumb, ignorant, upper middle class cunt who tries to give the impression that she is from the upper class. The main identifications of Soccer Mom's are a huge coffee, those stupid short jackets that are meant for chicks in their 20's, an attitude of entitlement and bitchness, and an SUV that rivals the fuel consumption and handling of a tank.

Other characteristics include a huge butt shoehorned into jeans meant for slim chicks in their 20's, rampant materialism, probably racist, some type of hardcore conservative. This is basically a grown up version of the college slut who was a general bitch to everyone.

Her children are known as "Mindy" and "Biff". Mindy is the dumb airheaded slut who has the same attitude of entitlement. Mindy is usually dressed up in tight pants that cause butt suffocation, and some kind of tank-top. Biff is the wannabe tough guy frat boy who is probably racist, spits everywhere, and has a chip on his shoulder. Eventually, another type of Mindy meets another type of Biff and the cycle continues.

Soccer mom's can be seen speeding up the apocalypse by encouraging armed conflict in a world where the vast majority of nations have nuclear weapons, yelling at people to get their way, glaring at me because I look like an Arab, so I must be trying to take over the world or something, hating minorities, drinking coffee, and being a general pain in the ass.
The Soccer Mom is the dumb cunt with the huge butt standing in line in front of you at a coffeeshop, yelling at the poor overworked waitstaff that they forgot to add mocha to her half-caf, splenda, mocha, vanilla latte. In addition, they also forgot to smile.
by Clip June 13, 2006
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