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The use of Tinder on the toilet.
Bro, I matched with this fit girl by swipe and wipe
by Clifton Reed August 29, 2016

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Material read while taking a shit.
God, Azi just took The Times into the toilet. Good Shiterature!
by Clifton Reed November 11, 2010

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Christmas related hilarity
Oh my god, did you hear that Christmas joke?

That was some solid Santa banter
by Clifton Reed August 29, 2016

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When someone writes a 'happy birthday' message on someone else's wall and you comment 'same'
Dude, on Facebook I was doing some thank-jacking!

Azveed-"Hi Lauren have a great day"

Dom comments "Same"
by Clifton Reed March 02, 2011

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When one becomes fed up of a stressful career and decides McDonalds is the eaier option
Dom: Did you hear about Becky?
Alan: No, what happened?
Dom: She jacked in her PhD and is having a McDonalds Breakdown. She started working there yesterday.
by Clifton Reed December 18, 2011

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