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A metaphor specifically using the term "the fake" for the comparison of 2 (or more) things or people that are exactly the same but different.
Robert Pattinson is the fake Leonardo DiCaprio of this generation.

Texting in school is the fake passing notes in electronic form.

Mary-Kate is the fake Ashley, and Ashley is the fake Mary-Kate.

Daniel Craig is the fake Pierce Brosnan, who is the fake Timothy Dalton, who is the fake Roger Moore, who is the fake Sean Connery, who is the fake George Lazenby, who is the fake Sean Connery.
by Claybabe2k April 13, 2010
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The feeling of spontaneously moving from one point in time to another one much later knowing you were there, but with no recollection of any of the events in between. May or may not be brought on by chemical abuse. Can be caused by a significant Teflon Moment.

Also used as a place holder for a missing memory.
Most of my college weekends are a Missing Time Experience.
by Claybabe2k December 30, 2009
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Not to Judge - as in not passing judgement
"I can't even believe you let him buy you a drink - what a Barney!"

"After some of the primates I have seen you accept drinks from...?"

"You're right - NTJ."
by Claybabe2k December 11, 2009
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When a crappy and miserable weather pattern is stuck in an area and just won't move on. First used on television by Twin Cities KARE 11 meteorologist Sven Sundgaard to describe a way too long set of days in late October 2012 filled with cold and rain.
Hurrican Sandy was preventing the atmospheric flow of things over Minnesota, resulting in atmospheric constipation.
by claybabe2k October 25, 2012
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