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a Facebook activity in which participating users hit the "like button" on all the items of other participating users in the status feed. Based loosely on the "Like for Like" principle except no one keeps count. Users "Fall off" the like train and will no longer receive likes from the train once they stop reciprocating.
Erika hit the like button on all of the party photos that Jenna posted to her facebook account today. Jenna will like all of the items that Erika posts tomorrow. The like train hit Jenna with over 1000 Likes on her graduation photo.
by CinnamonSeven August 01, 2013
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The act of deliberately killing a human being attributed to the emotion of jealousy (Killing someone for the fear of losing something or someone). Killing because of envy (Killing a person for someone or something one does not have).
Jill committed jealouscide when she went on a date with Billy because Sally will she will kill her when she finds out.

The beating death of Derrion Albert is considered jealouscide. He was an Honor student killed by teen gang members.
by CinnamonSeven August 15, 2010
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When a Male walks up to a female and grabs her crotch and says "You've been Trumped". This practice is widely spreading among middle schools and high schools across the United States of America following the presidential election of 2016.
Donald just walked up to Megyn and grabbed a handful of her vagina while laughing and yelled "You've been Trumped!!" and all the boys in class laughed hysterically .
by CinnamonSeven November 15, 2016
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