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Other variations: millbeg, millbag

A female "chav" from Northern Ireland, more so from Belfast. Derives from the name given to the girls who worked in the mills in West Belfast in the 19th century. Today they can be found parading the streets of Belfast. Usually pregnant by age 14 with a cigarette in one hand and a 70cl bottle of "WKD Blue" in the other (and that's while they are still pregnant). Usually bear pink tracksuits or sightly "trendy" clothes, accompanied with dollops of fake tan to give one an orange complexion. Before the morning Novena in Clonard, they are usually seen on the roads in their pyjamas, slippers and with curlers in their hair, accompanying their 7 or 8 pre-teenage children to primary school. Their native call is shrieking abuse at one another in a dialect which takes years to accumulate.
None have a proper education and 95% are on the "Brew" by age 18, collecting benefits (illegally or otherwise).
They love to engage in the following past times:
- having sex with anything with a pulse and a penis
- boast about their "fella" whether or not they are faithful to this certain lad (usually they are not)
- kicking the living daylights of anyone that looks different to them
- popping "E" (or pretending to) and listening to NRG and sickly rave
- screaming secterian abuse to whomever doesn't support their Scottish league football team
- dancing around a burnt out car which their male counterparts have stolen
- being alcoholics/thieves/junkies (or all three)

Approach with caution, can be dangerous.
"Hore's one of dem millies."

"Luk at thon pack of millies!"

"Kill thon fennian millbég!!"
"Kill thon hun of a millbég!!"
by Ciarán Gibson July 16, 2006

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Northern Irish (Belfast dialect) word that represents:
"Do you ever remember?"

Often misconceived by the British and Americans as "January" and "November" put together to form a 13th month.

Do you ever remember
--> Do ya ever remember
--> D'ya ever 'member
--> J'ya 'nember (ever is ommited)
--> J'a-nember
--> Janember?
"Janember when I kicked ye up da hole?!"

"Janember when I fucked your ma?!"
by Ciarán Gibson July 16, 2006

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Capital city of Northern Ireland found in Antrim with parts poking into Down.

Full of rough-looking people who are nosy, violent and stare at anything they don't like the looks of.

Violence is seen on every street corner on a Friday/Saturday night, generally carried out by alcoholic teenagers who want to beat an innocent person to a pulp for a few laughs.

Almost 90% of the city is made up of millies. See millies

Also has a high amount of alternative people, generally classed "hippies" by the ignorant. They get drunk in the city centre in huge crowds but are soon dispersed by a few rouhg-looking millbags with rough voices. Most "hippies" are annoying who compete for status of the "scene" and use violence to get it. Is littered with pre-teenage, over-eccentric bisexuals.

Most of the individuals in the city are paranoid due to the amount of sectarian violence that goes on. Catholics fear for their lives in Protestant areas and vice versa.

A lot of the inhabitants enjoy laughing at another's expense and making them feel a lot worse just for "a laugh".

Chewing gum takes up 90% of the pavement.
Shops are woefully stocked with restricted amounts of fashionable clothing.
Dirt and grime are riddled on every street within the city.
Burning cars, murals and Union Jacks adorn most "suburban" districts.

Overall rating as a city - "S" for "SHIT!!"
"I hate Belfast with a burning passion!!"
by Ciarán Gibson July 16, 2006

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