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In Baltimore slang, an Araber is an outdoor roving fruit vendor. The name comes from the term "arabale goods." Most arabers are not Arabic. This profession is mentioned in the show "Homicide: Life on the Streets."
I bought myself a peach from the Araber cart on the way home from work.
by Chuck Jennings April 07, 2007
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(n) The act of taking a short nap immediately after consuming some caffeine so that you are more invigorated when you awake. This works really well because it takes about 20 minutes for a person to feel the effects of caffeine.
I am so tired, but I need to finish this paper by tomorrow morning. I'll take a little nappuccino to help me make it through the night.
by Chuck Jennings July 20, 2008
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Short for "unsubscribe." Can be used when you unsubscribe from an email list or an RSS feed.
I chose to unsub from Robert Scoble's twitter feed. he was totally spamming!
by Chuck Jennings July 23, 2008
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