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While hypochondria is the fear of doing anything without getting a fatal injury/illness, computer hypochondria is the fear of downloading anything, no matter how verified the download is, in fear that it will screw up your computer in some way or another.
I'd download this .exe file, but I don't want to get a BSoD.

Dude, you have some bad computer hypochondria.
by Christophucked March 11, 2011

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When a game developer drenches everyone and everything in their game with really shiny lighting, to cover up the fact that the graphics are shit. Not to be confused with cel-shading.
Mario Kart Wii, Fallout 3, and Grand Theft Auto IV are great examples of lighting cover-up.
by Christophucked February 03, 2011

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An anime with a three-digit number of episodes. Instead of the regular 10-50 episodes that most animes do have, mega animes are usually 100-300 episodes long and possibly with a spinoff series.
Naruto and Bleach are mega animes.
by Christophucked February 19, 2011

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