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The Toronto Raptors head coach, currently from 2004-2008. Often ridiculed by fans because of his mediocre coaching style and lack of ability to draw up plays. His reasons for winning consist of "we hit our shats" and his excuse for losing "we didn't hit our shats."

He miraculously pulled a 2007 coach of the year out of his ass.

The term "Smitch" was popularized by a comic made by a fan and spread over the internet.
You gotta dominate like Smitch, you gotta groove like Smitch, get your soul on like the Smitch!
by Chris337 November 30, 2008
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The major event that occurs in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Before many fans were able to finish the book, it was spread all over the internet, and ruined the ending for fans all over.

It is also a fad on ytmnd. Many pages were created with this information, sometimes in humorous ways.
<Dude1> Hey, did you know what Snape kills Dumbledore?
<Dude2> What the hell?! I haven't read it yet!!

<Dude In Car> Hey! Snape kills Dumbledore.
<Girl> Nooooooo! You bitch! YOU BITCH!!!
by Chris337 October 12, 2005
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An online game created by softnyx, who also created Gunbound. It is a fairly good game, but it has major lag and you can't get into certain rooms if your connection speed is different than someone in the room.

The beta version is only out right now, and you can choose up to 4 types of characters. You gain experience and level up, too.
<Guy 1> OMFG! Rakion lagz like crazy!
<Guy 2> I know, it's gay!
by Chris337 December 2, 2005
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The official forum of the Toronto Raptors, with many great members. Its a fun place to be and has man active members and mods.
Raptors Chat Conversation

<Chris337> Wow, Wince Carter sure is bad!
<BorisD> Not as bad as Charlie's defense!
by Chris337 July 27, 2006
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A nickname given to Vince Carter by Toronto Raptors fans because they hate him so much. Vince didn't try in Toronto and demanded a trade. They got no one in return.
<Dude1> Fuk dat Wince Carter! He's an asshole!
<Dude2> Yeah...
<Dude3> Yeah...
<Dude4> Yeah...
<Dude5> Yeah...
<Dude6> I still like him!
Then he get beat up.
by Chris337 December 2, 2005
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