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A specialist gentleman's publication often enjoyed lying down with the curtains closed.
Father: "There's a lot of banging going on upstairs, where's young Steven?"

Mother: "He's in his room, reading"

Father: "Hm, he's probably looking at a Jazz Mag"

Mother: "Good gracious no, he's not that kind of boy. He's probably just exercising, and he's never liked Jazz music"
by Chris S - Mcr April 01, 2009

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Revered chuckle-meister and Drew Barrymore's dad
Well bugger me, I never knew that Michael Barrymore was Drew's dad !
by Chris S - Mcr June 12, 2006

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A gender specific, geek oriented and nasty operating system created to deliberately confuse, baffle and annoy anyone who is not a nerd.

How to spot people who enjoy Unix: These deluded and solitary individuals will often exhibit many of the following characteristics -

* Mostly male
* Enjoy real ale
* Sport long hair (usually greasy) & often beards
* Wear t-shirts 2 sizes too small that fails to conceal a hairy beer belly underneath
* Have a number of keys dangling from a keyring
* Are socially challenged
* Will quote lines from episodes of Star Trek
* Enjoy heavy rock / metal music. Note: occassionally an older unix techhead will admit to a liking of folk music - these individuals are very dangerous and should be avoided... Worse still is the Unix nerd who enjoys prog rock - anyone with an early Genesis album in their music collection should be treated with suspicion
Hi Jane, I really like you and was wondering if I could take you out to a Unix seminar next week ?

I've re-written the Shell on this Unix server configuration and we're now running a warp factor 8

I spent many a happy hour playing with Unix's Vi editor as I listenned to Fairport Convention in the backgound

Well Roger, my life turned upside down the day Peter Gabriel left Genesis, but then I discovered Rush...
by Chris S - Mcr June 12, 2006

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