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When somebody is about to sneeze, you rear back your right forearm with a clenched fist, and with the strength of a thousand lumberjacks, punch them in the chest to prevent the sneeze...
Cody "Ahhhh-AHHHHHH"

Chris *punches Cody in the chest with fury worthy of Street Fighter II*

Cody "FUCK!"

Cliff "Haha, you got tha sneeze punch!"
by Chris Hambrick June 22, 2007

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Obamapwn is the word used in the town of Boaz, Alabama to show that someone has officially been owned... especially by a Democrat...
Chris: Dude... My girlfriend just totally left me... and Scotty got a VD from her friend!

Phil: Ohhhhhh! You've been Obamapwnt!
by Chris Hambrick March 31, 2007

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