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Referring to a female who is dressed in a slut-like manner. Spoken by males it is meant as a drunken compliment, heard by females it is interpreted as an insult.
At a halloween party:

Male: "Yo, that bitch is dress like a slut."
Female: *evil look* "He did not just call me a bitch" *attacks male with a marker*
Male: "Jeez, the slut bitch can't take a compliment"
by Chris Ferry October 29, 2006
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1. A society in which there is no hunger, no dehibiliting diseases, and shelter for all.
2. The current state of the USA
3. The current possible state of the entire world, if we tried cooperating.
A man sits in his heated home, drinking a cold drink from his electrically powered fridge, sits in a ergonomic chair at his computer which can connect the world, researching proper nutrition and exercise that would give him a long healthy life, gets up to go to a job that pays for this and more looks out the window and sees the rain that provides extensive water for our crops, and deems it all a distopia because he will have to get wet going out to his car. As he drives to the bank to deposit his paycheck, he looks at all the taxes he has to pay because of the services they provide and wishes he lived in an Utopia.
by Chris Ferry January 30, 2007
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One of the many people God loves. A satanist going by its root words would seem to mean one who worships satan. However, According to satanists, they are mere people who don't believe in God not people that associate with satan. Apparently, instead of chosing a name that would abstractly title their group, they chose to go with a base name that has negative conotations throughout society and be surprised when it becomes misinterpretted.
Muslim: Those fucking Americans even allow satanists freedom of religion.
More extreme Muslim: Let's blow up those hedonistic Americans, in the name of our peace loving God Allah.
by Chris Ferry November 01, 2006
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