This is for you OT7 biased girl...if you're reading this, I am you-know-who (definitely not jin 'your bias wrecker'). Wondering why? who?, we even chatted with our usernames in D app. I just want to be anonymous eventho you might have guessed who I am by now. You said we have been friends for a year. But I have a Story which I want to tell you for a long time. I don't know how you will take the story(technically it's not story, it was smthing EPIC for me) Not a bad story but a never ending story. But I'm not going to tell that story now if you want to hear just ask me I want to tell you that but here.

Tbh Nobody ever talked to me like the way you talk. You are a special person in my life. I never want to lose you. That day really changed us. Eventhough we still chat I think we're not what we were. I cried for days on what i did. I made a huge mistake on that day. I never should have said that. I said what if i met someone in the future. But now I know I already met, you. I don't care if you're not into that same mind. I just want to confess evrything. I don't know how you are feeling right now but I'm sure you want to talk with me/block me permanently right now. But whatever your decision is just hear my story that i mentioned, after that I respect and accept your decision. I have a lot to tell.

I want to talk to you everyday though it's just a chat. And I am Sorry for the past. Will you forgive me?
ALWAYS(from HarryPotter) there will be a smile in my face when I'm chatting with you.

You come this far and still wondering who am I. I bet you must have known since you have the super memory power(noticing my smile and remembering my nickname).

537 means (it's a secret...not here). If you completed this, ask me for that story. I'm waiting to tell you that if you want to or don't. (Start the chat with Hi which we haven't used for a long time, then i will understand you read this)
I'm not as good as you in writing like this. Ignore any mistakes.

To you...11-7.
P.S. If you still don't know who i am, use these hints: introvert-weird-nocturnal-vampire-insomniac-mornight-artist(mediocre)-sweet nightmares-hope-smile-f0rever- Kanye is shit - her voice is mesmerizing-always.
I am who you think I am

by the.weird.aLi3n December 14, 2020
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