12 definitions by Chipping Woodlet III

A syndrome where your ass hurts all the time, caused by constantly rubbing it against furnitures and whatnot.
"Putting that ass-rubbed finish on your new dining-room table has inflamed my carpal bunghole syndrome."
by Chipping Woodlet III August 3, 2005
Cool, great, excellent, fantastic. Can be used to replace any word indicating that something is of high quality or particularly good.
"Those are some homemade shoes you picked up last week baby!"

"Have you checked out the new Ludacris CD? Thats homemade!"

"Don't put him down man, he's homemade..."
by Chipping Woodlet III November 30, 2005
A type of surfer, or member of musical group named after such.
"WTF that is, some kinda grimepuppy?"

"Nuh huh, that would be onea those lombego surfers."
by Chipping Woodlet III May 23, 2007
A skinnyass joint thats as small as a friggin pin. Rolled by dudes who are bogart with thier weed.
"What the fuck...theres more paper than dope in this lameass pin joint..."
by Chipping Woodlet III November 30, 2005
A) Persons who are employed in a dirt mine, extracting soil for use in construction projects. B) Persons forced to do difficult labor for little pay. C) Members of an obscure musical group.
"That Dirtminers song sounds like it was recorded in an actual dirt mine."
by Chipping Woodlet III February 1, 2005
Someone who takes off their clothes while standing in front of an open window.
She was arrested when her neighbors called the cops and let them know she was a fenestripper.
by Chipping Woodlet III May 23, 2007