2 definitions by Chewsterchew

When you're savage but you're also too sassy to be just "savage".
OMG look at this girl! She's so savsav.
by Chewsterchew March 7, 2016
A male to female transgender. Trans girls don't need to look like a girl to be one, they don't even need to transition if they don't want to, they are girls no matter what they look like. They are the absolute cutest things on Earth, and they're in dire need of some hugs, cuddles, and even headpats. Trans girls are human, don't think of them as any less. If you ever meet a trans girl, cherish them.
My friend Olivia came out as a trans girl, she's adorable as heck, so I hugged her. I'll support her no matter what she does!
by Chewsterchew January 18, 2019