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A defensive maneuver employed in beer pong where the team that does not have the ball pelvic thrusts the air behind their cups in an attempt to disrupt the concentration of the team throwing the ball.
We were getting destroyed in beer pong, but we managed to turn it around when we deployed thrust defense.

It's time for some thrust defense!

Their thrust defense really messed me up, I couldn't concentrate with all that air humping going on.
by Chern E January 23, 2010

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A drink combo of unbelievable value, usually comprising a beer and a shot for as low as $5, that can be commonly found in New York City's East Village neighborhood.

Popular combos include a PBR, either a can or a draft, and a shot of whiskey, though some bars let the customer choose the type of beer and shot. Perhaps the most unique combo discovered to date is a 24 oz. can of Labatt with a shot of Jack Daniels for $6.

East Village specials are commonly purchased in order to get completely wasted in New York City without paying $10 for one miserable beer.
I don't want to go to Midtown. It blows because it is expensive and everyone is an asshole. Why don't we just get some East Village specials?

Brooklyn is so far away. Let's get hammered on some East Village specials instead.

Dude, I just spent $300 on a flight to visit my girlfriend and she fucking dumped me. I'm going to need some East Village specials when I get back to the city.
by Chern E October 28, 2009

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