7 definitions by Cheri cox

A hard up bitch who will suck dick for cigarettes.
Hey bro tell that tabacca hoe jane that i bought a pack of cigarettes today.
by Cheri cox December 21, 2017
The action of one who gets fucked in the ear.
Hey Jack, get that dog away from your head before you get ear boned.
by Cheri cox December 21, 2017
A delusional chic who argues the fact that shes been cured of a non- curable disease herpes while at the same time telling people she was having a reccuring breakout..
Herpis got beat up by her friend. Lisa for not telling about he alleged cured but reccuring breakout of herpes. Only because lisa was fucking herpis' man behind her back.
by Cheri cox February 11, 2018
Its a fully erect penis. Waiting to to penetrate any Orpheus. Mainly used during the acts of oral pleasure.
Jane asked Bob , " what are two lips on a bald headed champ? " Bob replied "what?" Jane answered, "My lips on your dick! "...lmfao....
by Cheri cox February 10, 2018
Someone whos existence in ones life is short lived
John told the neighbor that his girl Sally was a genuine doofar now. Only for a minute not forever
by Cheri cox February 12, 2018
One whos already established herself a club member by showing off her pussy and tits to an official pitty club board member. She makes everyday brighter.
Cheri shes earned her #1PITTY GIRL STATUS. No one flashes herself to obtain a variety of items free the way this pitty girl does. If you have seen this pitty girl in action, you too would become an official pitty girl club member. Everyone loves a pitty girl.
by Cheri cox March 2, 2018
A single cell organism that will shift to any shape or body.

The act of shifting sides, no loyalty to anyone or thing.
That Joe, hes a real shapeshifter if i d ever seen one. Whos side are u on john? Right or wrong. U can only represent one side.
by Cheri cox February 13, 2018