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When a large family or group of people obstructs a walkway or thoroughfare.
I tried to have a peaceful run this morning, but a Mormon roadblock prevented me from using the sidewalk.
by ChemiSPE August 26, 2021
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The conscious act of leaving a room full of people while farting. A specific type of crop dusting where the guilty party leaves the room and doesn't look back.
It's always unpleasant to arrive while someone else is defarting.

His defarture from our presence left a bad taste in my mouth.
by ChemiSPE February 4, 2014
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Reading or hearing a non-white colloquialism and trying to revert it back to the traditional vanilla version. This also applies to white-washing a name, place, or idea to make it feel more familiar or comfortable for white people.
She could not fully comprehend the phrase 'finna be lit', so she had to caucasify it to 'fitting to be fun' in order to comprehend the turn of phrase.

The house had an air of curry about it, which was quickly caucasified by the introduction of essential oils to make the Smiths feel at home in their new house.
by ChemiSPE August 27, 2021
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