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To do unproductive things in the backseat of a warthog while others are listening to the radio.

As seen on Red vs Blue, episode 53
"I think it's important to get proper credit when some of us are working hard discovering distress signals on the Warthog's radio, while others are hanging out in the back seat, monkeying about!"
by cheeser March 28, 2005
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An extreme chat contraction for "I am going to" that takes "I'm gonna" to the next, shortest version.
Then once I've got some experience under my belt, I'munna open my own 4-5star restaurant. :D
by cheeser April 20, 2005
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An insulting name for a retard.
Look at Joe, he's RABM!
by Cheeser January 23, 2003
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When something has increased or multiplied by 50,000 (or some other big number) or is 50,000 (or some other big number) more than something else in comparison, it is fifty-thou-tupled.
Hm.... now that I know you've fifty-thou-tupled my profile views, that's impressive. I don't even think fifty-thou-tupled is a word.

I couldn't afford that house even if my salary fifty-thou-tupled.
by cheeser July 27, 2005
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