4 definitions by Chedwardo

A coworker so odious they never does their job and makes more work for everyone else but gets paid more than you. Typically is really fat, small minded, shops online during work hours, and leaves work before everyone else. Also they are really good at lying about being sick and abusing FMLA leave.
Damn, Marissa is such a fat kelly! She was on Facebook all day during work while I had to handle all the sales calls and deal with all the people she pissed off.
by Chedwardo May 09, 2018
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A friend of a friend who asks for a significant favor, such as getting bailed out of Mexico, and then disappears when he is asked to re-compensate the person for the favor.
Yo! I drove down to the Baja to get Steve's ass out of trouble. Now he's trying to avoid paying me cause he says it was a vacation trip! Damn, why didn't you warn me this cat was a freeloader steve?
by Chedwardo June 19, 2018
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The nauseating whiff of shit smell wafting from the restroom as the door swings open and closed.
After Matt left the restroom, I nearly puked in my chowder from the shit whift.
by Chedwardo January 15, 2018
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