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A very hot skater kid! hes great at what he does, A TOTAL BEAST!

A Dillanger usually goes by Dillan (Dylan) he doesn't apply himself in school but if he did man would he get good grades. He's the type that would care about his girlfriend with ALL his heart. Dillangers are nerds, mostly on the shorter side between 5'5 - 5'7. Some of them play world of Warcraft. its not something you would expect

Dillanger's are sweet caring guys. most likely to never let you down. sometimes there confusing, and once you get to know him, he'll tell you how he really feels. A Dillanger will push your buttons, and sometimes feel like an asshole. It's never anything to worry about though.

There the type of guy to go out with a kind innocent preppy girl.. (thats what she seems to be on the outside) would he use her? naww .. he loves her too much.
"Hey Suzan?" "lets go to the skate park and see if we can find any Dillangers."
by Charlie_white April 24, 2010
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