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A sandwich of extreme honourability, sold only at Bambi.

Many many years ago there worked, opposite Bambi, a woman going by the name of Jenny Anderson. Every day at lunch time Jenny would cross the road, go to Bambi and order a customised toasted sandwich containing scrambled egg, ham, gherkin, tomato, bacon and a specific sauce.

This went on for many moons until other clients caught on and began buying the same sandwich, requesting a "Jenny Anderson Sandwich" at the counter.

The Greek owners soon caught onto this and added the sandwich to the menu as a Jenny Anderson.

It is best enjoyed late on a friday night and it excels in soaking up excess alcohol.
"Phew I'm hungry, Why don't we go and get some Jenny Anderson's?"

"Great idea, Reub, lets go!"

"Lets take my car, here, you can drive."
by Charles Glass August 04, 2009

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The study of persons sufferring from Reubankle, a disease that causes the sufferer's ankles to become microscopic in size. So much so that they are invisible to the human eye.

The sole purpose of studying these persons is to actually find the ankles in question.

Many different instruments are used in this study. These include Microscopes, Telescopes, Kaleidoscopes, Stethescopes, Gyroscopes, Horoscopes and the Hubble.

In past years magnifying glasses were in use by Reubanktologists across the globe. However, sufferers of Reubankle have arranged a petition, signed by many followers, to ban the use of these useful instruments in the study of Reubanktology.
The reason for this sudden desire to lead a magnifying glass-free life appears to be due to the want of Reubanktologists to use the magnifying glass as a method of magnifying the suns rays many-fold and applying singe marks on the feet, heels and shins of Reubankle sufferers.

The Reubanktologist Guild repudiated this petition, saying that the magnifying glass was the most simple way of finding the elusive ankles of Reubankle sufferers. It seems they magnify the suns rays to a pin point, and then slowly move the pin point of heat/light across the area where the Reubankle sufferer's ankle should be. When they hear a yelp they know they have located the ankle.

Apparently the ankle's of Reubankle sufferers have only been located four and a quarter times in the history of mankind, making Reubanktology an extremely unrewarding profession.
"Look at that strange man carrying a magnifying glass. He looks like Sherlock Holmes!"

"Yes, I know that man. He studies Reubanktology."

"Oh really? No wonder he looks so grumpy!"
by Charles Glass July 28, 2009

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A previously undiscovered planet of the gaseous variety. The proximity of Madelanus to earth is not known, however it is thought to be in the region of 3 inches.

Although somewhat smaller that the other planets, Madelanus is still a vast body of matter. It is comprised primarily of gas and has an extensive black hole, in which sulphuric winds gust at great speeds.

Madelanus has one moon, named Justashownapopabruce by a famous greek astronomer. Justashownapopabruce is greatly attracted to Madelanus' black hole and it's orbit keeps time with this surfacal defect.

Madelanus has never been explored by man, due to it's high sulphuric content and habit of sucking unidentified objects into it's black hole.

No living matter has been discovered on Madelanus, primarily because nobody has ever looked for any.
"What is that terrible smell?"

"I think it's Madelanus, it was supposed to be close to the earth this week."
by Charles Glass July 30, 2009

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As we know, Reubankle sufferers are extremely protective about their feet, often going to extremes in order to prevent people from setting their eyes on these elusive objects of rapine.

The Reubix Lube was developed as a method of appeasing the anguish of these people. It is a combonation of an extremely pungent and strong lubricant and a very tight casing about the foot, oft refered to as a shoe, closed and tightened by means of a combonation lock.

These combonation lock shoes are savagely difficult to remove and are thus often worn for long periods of time and in times when shoes would normally be an inconvenience. In the shower for example, or when having sexual intercourse.

The lubricant was developed for the sole purpose of getting the combonation lock shoes on and off. It is of great strength and has been known to have been of use in a number of other applications. Prising a beer from another's hand for example. It is also an immense health hazard, as swallowing even one drop can cause ones insides to become outsides.
"Hank stole my pie and refused to let go of it, so I prised it out of his hand with a drop of Reubix Lube. However, after eating my pie I had to knape for three weeks."
by Charles Glass July 29, 2009

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