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A previously undiscovered planet of the gaseous variety. The proximity of Madelanus to earth is not known, however it is thought to be in the region of 3 inches.

Although somewhat smaller that the other planets, Madelanus is still a vast body of matter. It is comprised primarily of gas and has an extensive black hole, in which sulphuric winds gust at great speeds.

Madelanus has one moon, named Justashownapopabruce by a famous greek astronomer. Justashownapopabruce is greatly attracted to Madelanus' black hole and it's orbit keeps time with this surfacal defect.

Madelanus has never been explored by man, due to it's high sulphuric content and habit of sucking unidentified objects into it's black hole.

No living matter has been discovered on Madelanus, primarily because nobody has ever looked for any.
"What is that terrible smell?"

"I think it's Madelanus, it was supposed to be close to the earth this week."
by Charles Glass July 30, 2009
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