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what you want to know
if you are getting cheated on
by Chain October 18, 2003

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a girl in a band that can sing, besides the fact that her songs r only ok. shes called herself "punk" and a "rock chick", but when it boils down 2 it she is jst a girl in a band that can sing, and that plays songs that r only ok. i wouldnt call her a poser cuz if she really was then how did she get so popular? but she does kinda suck. another thing, dont take it out on the canadians, i know 2 really cool ppl from canada (im not sayin theyre all cool) but dont dis them all. and for the last thing, she didnt ruin rock music, cuz i still listen 2 it and probly tons and tons of other ppl do 2, not that her music is gr8
avril's album is let go (wth, is she like depressed or sumthin?)
by chain March 08, 2004

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