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City in Central Washington. Just a loop of the Mexican partner scenes from Ant Man.
Guy: We just need to go through Yakima
Other guy: g o a r o u n d.
by Chaelmin March 23, 2019

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A city in Washington state that can't be talked about positively on Urban Dictionary with

out getting more downvotes than upvotes despite being a pretty half-and-half city.
Dude 1: Yakima sucks. It has a ghetto part of town. Many people there are stupid.
Dude 2: Every city has that. Yakima just likes to be shat on the most.
by Chaelmin April 10, 2020

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If Hide the Pain Harold was possesed by the conductor from the Polar Express and became the best teacher any school wishes it could have.
Dude 1: Herr Beck sucks
Herr Beck: Cowabunga it is.
by Chaelmin April 11, 2020

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1. A safe word for describing someone a slightly obese, used in a positive manner.

2. It can imply that someones obesity is attractive, or sexy.

3. To describe someone as squishy. Like a pillow.
Melanie is so pudgy. I could rub her rolls forever.
by Chaelmin April 10, 2020

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