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An american legend that usually drives a iroc z. A hero of the american people. Also known as Joey B. Became famous for having sex with an underage girl who became so enamored with him she shot his wife in the head.
Buttafuoco totally rocks the house!
by Chachi May 18, 2004

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Need to know basis. Get it. Got it? Good!
That's on the ntkb. That's onna ntkb.
by chachi February 25, 2005

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one who admires himself in the mirror.
A person who empasises the S in this.
Flexing in the mirror jason said you want some of thissss?
by Chachi July 10, 2003

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An exclamation of disapproval
Shit-Tarts! Somebody stole my baby!
by Chachi October 13, 2004

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One of the hottest guys I have ever seen. Totally fuckable!
Dude, I so want that Pendrey.
by ChaChi July 13, 2003

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A variation of the word fresh, to a higher expodential degree
Bro, your better than fresh, you're turro
by Chachi June 13, 2003

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1) A mulato boy, also considered a towel-head.

2) Ann Marie and Jaslin's bitch.
Ann Marie: Omletto, can you fetch my cell phone in that mound of poisonous, man-eating snakes?

Omletto: (in Elmo's voice) Yay! I go get the cellphone!
by Chachi April 05, 2004

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