4 definitions by Chacharillo

To fart in one place and drag the putride smell with you to another.
Marcel, did you have to to poop and drag into the truck after lunch?

Mike, your a walking asshole as it is. Did you have to poop and drag it into the room?
by Chacharillo February 11, 2017
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To dive or take a leap toward ones anus for painful penatration, at a distance anywhere from 3 to 33ft. Figuratively or actually. More so along the lines of having to do something stupid and painful.
I feel that I'm just standing in line for a butthole high-dive in the army at times.

Josh, why did you have to butthole high-dive me last nite with tricking me into the two-hand touch with that wildabeast at the bar?
by Chacharillo February 18, 2017
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To give one a blow job with bologna on the pecker/penis/dick. Almost like a duc suc.
Bill, come here and give me a bolognme sammich.

Could we go home Michael and do bololgme sammiches.
by Chacharillo February 12, 2017
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A jesture toward a male, or female to lubricate the anus prior to penatration.
Hey Aaron, let me spit. I'm not that big it won't feel bad.

Brian, let me spit before you sit down.
by Chacharillo February 11, 2017
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