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When you pass gas within hours of taking a huge dump. The gas or fart smells of the feces, usually smells like raw shit.

A turd honking for the right-of-way.
Thomas was ready for his afternoon powershit, after hours of gas pains he finally passed a poppyfart to prime himself.

I finally let that poopyfart go that was being blocked by my morning shit.
by Cbaker March 08, 2008
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An automoblie that has not been cleared of all snow and is being driven on the city streets. Usually a 6 inch portal carved out of the drivers side of the windshield is the only clear view of objects directly in front.

Some drivers subscrible to the "lets get on the freeway" and drive 90mph to let the snow blow off theory.
Hey, look at that igloomoile driving down the street with two feet of snow on it, how can they see to drive?

Bob didn't bother brushing off his car and drove the igloomobile around until all of the snow blew off.

Idiots that redistribute snow on the streets, cause other motorists zero visibility and start traffic jams and crashes.
by Cbaker January 22, 2008
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