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A somewhat variation of guys lacrosse. With so many rules and regulations, it's surprising they don't make the team tiptoe down the field. Invented because apparently girls are not "tough enough" to handle boys lacrosse. This is bullshit, along with girls lacrosse being complete and udder bullshit. I'm sure many people would like to see girls hitting each other with sticks. I know I'd love to hit CERTAIN girls over the head.
Ref: "This is a penalty because you were too close to that girls face."
PLayer: *Jumps on ref and beats him with her stick.*
"Then why don't we wear helmets in Girl's Lacrosse!"
by Catrin June 16, 2006

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when you have a large dump and its going in and out of your buttox. this resembles a prarrie dog going in and out of its hole
Man, i just took the biggest shit. But i couldnt find a john so i was prarrie dogging for the longest time.
by catrin November 12, 2006

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A word that people from everywhere else in Rhode Island use to describe Jamestowners. They believe that all Jamestowners are stoners, which is pretty much true, although a few resist.
North Kingstown kid: "Man, where did you get that weed?"
Other North Kingstown kid: "That Jamestoner sold me it."
North Kingstown kid: "Madd chill, let's go get fucked up!"
by Catrin June 16, 2006

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