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A girl not to be messed with. She will not hesitate to smack you if you do anything wrong, and if you upset her, be ready to pay for it. A smart girl who can answer any question you throw at her. A pretty girl who is kind to her friends but gives you the cold shoulder if you do anything wrong. Got bullied between grades 3-5 for being super intelligent. Is smart enough to figure it out on her own.
Dang! How is Neela so SMART?!
by Catnip District 12 January 08, 2019

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A short girl who should not be messed with. Get on her bad side/make her cry, and you might be weary of who you see. She will turn everyone against you. Very kind to her friends, and if you are a good person to her, then she will help you when she can.
I made Evelyn cry yesterday, and regret it. My bestie is beating me up now.
by Catnip District 12 January 08, 2019

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A young girl who loves to be silly. Has a funny, sweet, kind, and quirky personality. Loves to read about positive female role models.
Wow, Polly is so funny!
by Catnip District 12 January 09, 2019

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