19 definitions by Cathi Robertson

noun; people who say fake cuss words like troutturd instead of bassturd, ashhole instead of asshold, frog or froggin instead of fuck or fucking, somehow trying to imply that they are holier than the person who uses real cuss words. when in actuality they will burn in hell with the rest of us authentic cussers and are only fooling themselves. froggin troutturds they're all ashholes if you ass me.
I'm so sick of all the hypercritters who can't get honest about their potty mouths like the rest of us.
by Cathi Robertson July 12, 2008
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An alternative for the commonly used curse word "fucking" Used by conservative Christians and others who feel BAD saying BAD words, so they substitute obvious words to curse anyway....

Also see (Hypercrite)
"ust say what you mean, you frogging ashhole!"

Also see "ashhole"
by Cathi Robertson June 17, 2008
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The sound your grandma (and other old people or people with deviated septums)make when they laugh. A combination of a snarl and laugh and snort. You know it when you hear it.
Grandma: omg, that's so funny, *snarf*
by Cathi Robertson June 14, 2008
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n; a person who's a cross between a Starbucks addict and a fucker. Sometimes a Starbucks addict becomes a fucker only after 2-3 double shot macchiatos, but they're still a Starbucker.
husband; honey, can't we just wait until we get to the next town to get you your third refill from Starbucks.

wife; fuck you...get me to a Starbucks Now!!

husband; you can be a real starbucker sometimes, you know that!?!?
by Cathi Robertson July 12, 2008
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noun; a naked boob, or tit, keep it simple. all these other definiions are way to complicated and unoriginal. Let's all agree that from now on, a noon, is anaked boob.
janet jackson was gracious enough to flash a noob for us when she had a ''wardrobe malfunction'' (p.s. what kind of phrase is that?)
by cathi robertson July 12, 2008
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