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The second most prominent stereotype of americans next to hillbillys.

A person who believes in the freedom to annoy. If one decided to mow their lawn every 15 days instead of 10 then they'd get a nasty letter from the city council. They are more often of the conservative school of thought surprisingly, whilest somehow simultaneously perpetuating their frivolous zoning laws. They contest any and all bureaucratic processes that will allow any public building to be erected, thus creating a gridlock on social and economic progression. They cannot make any real choices in life like building a farm or becoming completely communilized in an urban setting.
A suburbanite will always get the shaft in an urbanite dominated media.

There will be no more suburbanites in america in 50 years due to a rise in reasonable thought and lack of corporate pandering to divide the country.
by Cassy2 May 04, 2008

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