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There are WAY many people complaining about emo kids.
Grow up. Please for the sake of this world.
Grow up. Any way yeah. Emo is not rimmed horn glasses, tight pants, and band Ts. It is not caring about what people say. It can be very hard but yes that is what it means! God you people stop posting that emo kids are annoying. Annoying emo kids are the poser kind. Here is my list of emo defiitions

Real Emo- Doesn't care. There are many reasons why they don't care any more. One reason could be that they are just to jaded from parent, freinds, random peeps from school ect. Some cut. Some don't It really maters on the person. They may wear black. They may not. The point is, is that emo people don't care if some one makes fun of them
Real Emo music- The Used, Underoth, From First to Last, and Afi. (that's all that I can name off the top of my head)

Posser Emo- May or may not cut. Uashully wears all black. Thinks they have a real reason to be depressed when they really don't. They tried to be goth but they failed at that and became emo.
Posser Emo music- Dashboard Confessionals, Good Charolate, and Simple Plan. (I am not saying these bands aren't good I'm just saying Posers ushually love them)
Semi-Emo - The mix of normal kid and real emo. They don't care what people think of them yet they tend to give in to people and get feelings hurt easily.
Semi-Emo music- see real emo. (sometimes semi emos music is softer)

All emos or bulimic/anerexic- hardly ever
All emos draw anemi-ushually tru but not always
All emos cut- False
All emos are bi/gay- Not Always
All emos wear black- ushually true but not always
Boy 1: Hey it's an emo kid!
Real emo: fag
Boy 2: you're the fag
Real emo: *looks at Boy 2 weird*
Boy 2: you gonna go cut yourself now?
Boy 1: Or are you gonna go draw us some anime?*laughs histaricaly*
Real emo: *flips off boy number 1&2 and walks away*

Boy 1: Hey it's an emo kid!
Emo Poser: *walks away to go cut*

Sitoution 2:
Girl 1: Ewww...two gay emo guys
Emo boy 1: We're not gay you idiot.
Emo boy 2: Hey wanna get some pizza
Emo boy 2: Yeah I'm starved

Girl 1: Girl 1: Ewww...two gay emo guys
Emo boy poser1: *starts crying*
Emo boy poser2: It's okay. let's just go back home and listen to Dashboard Confessional.
Emo boy poser1: *sniff* okay.
by Cashmoo September 24, 2006

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An Awesome band from Utah. Their members are Bert McCracken, (Vocals) Quinn Allman (Guitar), Jeph Howard (Bass), Branden Steineckert (Drums). They are an emo band and they have a lot of talent. The person that last commented said that "The Used smoke pot". Watch this: Billie Joe Armstrong is dead. He's not dead. Just becuz somone wrote it down doesn't mean it's true.
I know every one doesn't have to be like to my favorite band but please don't comment on how much u hate them. That's stupid and a wast of your time. Wouldn't a prep like the person above me rather be making themselves throw up?
If every thing in the world written down was true then the world would be COMPLETE CHOAS! I love the used!
by Cashmoo September 03, 2006

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The band consits of Bert McCrackin (vocals), Quinn Allman (gutair/back-up vocals), Jeph Howard (Bass), and Branden Steineckert (Drums). They are very awesome. The band came from Ormen, Utah. It was pretty hard for them to find a place for them to play because their some what voilent stage shows. The Used perserverd through the critisim and touered around to get more of a steady fan base. As they watched their fan base multiply they worked harder on their albums and put more feelings into their lyrics. The Used are now working on a new album and have all grown mustaches (except for Bert I think)
Do you think that it's me or it's not me I don't even care-I'm a Fake- In love and Death (The Used 2nd album) :)
by Cashmoo September 04, 2006

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An A-W-E-S-O-M-E band from Utah. The band consists of Bert McCracken (Vocals), Quinn Allman (Guitar), Jeph Howard (Bass), and Branden Steineckert (Drums). Their music was rejected from their home town but they didn't care what they thought about them or their music. They're The Used they don't care what people think of them. They are known for their rebelious attitudes and poetic lyrics. They kick ass. No actully they OWN ass! And ANYONE who thinks they suck have no right to live and/or they are a preppy annorexic chick who likes wannabe gangsta rappers like Cris Brown. THE USED OWN!!!!!!!!!!
"I don't see anything now so just say what you want to say kinda funny how Im not listing any way!" -The Used-Listening off of their second album In Love and Death!
They should be comin' out with their 2nd album shortely
by Cashmoo September 04, 2006

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