5 definitions by Carnage

1) A tank that is smart, as opposed to the normal run of the mill tanks that have no sentience.

B) Also Intellitank is normal slang for someone who is blocked on AOL instant messenger service. An ass, if you will.
1) God! That tank is so smart! That is one Intellitank.

2) I blocked Intellitank on AIM today.
by Carnage September 1, 2003
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a new-metal band with 9 members who wear masks and make fucking good music wich gay-pants-wussies seem to find garbage while they are lissening to their CD of Avril Laslut,trying to nag allong with the extremely hard "lalalalala" lyrics and wetting their pants when they see slipknot saying a dirty word...anyway,fans of slipknot are also refered to as "maggots"
by Carnage July 23, 2003
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Someone who takes out a large amount of domains for no reason other than he can.
Speakerguy bought his 14th domain today!!
by Carnage September 12, 2003
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A semi-common term used on forums to search every post made by a user.
"Dude, I can't find that story I posted on the boards three weeks ago."

"Just do an ego search."
by Carnage January 15, 2004
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it's not tie-dus. Its teedus
by Carnage November 27, 2003
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