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The nice intellegent tinder guy with money who treated you like a girlfriend and would do anything for you but later dumps you because you caught feelings. He maybe ugly ass shit but still have a God complex delicate ego. Likes beer, whiskey, expensive resturants, drives too damn fast, posts random shit on snapchat to get your attention after you *brake up* all the sudden he stops feeling like a grandpa and goes out to parties and what not to piss you off. Leaves on read very often. Mommas boy and wannabe fuckboi
Cancer: damn you really fell for him hu?

Pisces: yeah I fell for that Capricorn ass..
by Capvenushoe May 12, 2018
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Ingestion of large amount of drugs over a short period of time. The crashes are horrible and you may possibly feel suicidal/homicidal, paranoid, delusional etc.
Gil: you look like shit no offense are you okay?

Mari: low-key I'm coming down, I've been on tweak, black and drinking heavily everyday for the past two weeks. I feel like shit , don't drug binge yo
by Capvenushoe May 12, 2018
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