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1. A corruption of Negro, a word used by the Spanish to describe the people who lived in Africa. Used to describe slaves in the 1800s and on up until sometime in the 1980's, when it became illiegal for white people to say.

2. a word used only by black people in public, if uttered by white people will result in either a jumping or suing or "capping"

3. A synonym (again, used only by african americans) for Dude

4. Someone who needs to look this word up, other than to see some pretty funny shit that gets put down here

5. The n-word, or n-bomb
1. Damn it! them niggers ran away again!

2&3. Black dude: hey, look, it be my nigger Johny
White dude(Johny): 'sup man (he knows better)
another example: White dude: why can't white people say nigger
(White dude gets sued by Bill Cosby)
4. Someone who doesn't know what this word means

5. I accidentaly dropped the n-bomb last night, and got away with my life.
by Captian Zero January 16, 2006
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Jail or Juvie, or any correctional facility. it enables gangsters to get smarter.
Homie 1: Yo, i heard that nigger Travis was caught B&E. he's in the gangsta college now.

Homie 2: Man, he's a bama
by Captian Zero May 10, 2006
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abreviated term for gangster

Can be used to describe a person or said persons actions

Not highly used depending on locality
He a big Gster, yo

Mr. Gron is a Gster
by Captian Zero March 15, 2006
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A place now known as the middle east, where ol is abundant and the American Military spends most of it's time, under the orders of President George Bush

Densely populated by towleheads, sand niggers, dune coons, and Osama Bin Laden look-alikes.
My brother is in beserkstan, i hope he comes home

Fuck those sand niggers in beserkastan, lets watch some MTV2!!
by Captian Zero June 04, 2006
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1.a large group of males in an area, such as a mall.

Girls will often go to "Check out the local vegetation"

2.a large group of people dumber than you, such as a ricer convention
1.Girl 1: Lets go check out the local vegetation at the mall!

Girl 2: Totally!

2. Homie 1: look at all the vegetation at the ricer convention!
Homie 2: Damn!
by Captian Zero December 13, 2005
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