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The last great president.
FDR so totally PWNS bush, that filthy corporate tool!
by Captain Dan February 20, 2005
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Mad pimp TV series. A counterpart to Stargate SG-1.
I'm watching Stargate Atlantis with my krew, it is mad pimp, fo sho!
by Captain Dan March 01, 2005
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Brave folks who are morally strong enough to stand up to the mindless hords of stupid popularity-abusing jocks!

Go Jock Haters!!!! God Bless Freedom!!!!
Stupid Jock: Move it nerd.

Anti-Jock: Make me. Regardless of how this turns out, you are still a force for evil!

Stupid Jock: (stupidly) Huh?
by Captain Dan June 17, 2005
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The greatest Russian/Soviet sniper, and one of the greatest snipers in history. At the Battle of Stalingrad, he pinpointed his German counterpart (Major Koenig), by tricking him into shooting at a glove on a stick, thus being able to see his muzzle flash and location. The result was that Zaitsev put a bullet in Koenig's head before he had time to chamber a new round (sniper rifles back then were bolt-action).
Vassili Zaitsev and his cleverness and world-famous dead-on accuracy could beat the living crap out of any AWP-wielding teenybopper Counter-Strike noob.
by Captain Dan June 21, 2005
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A superb weapon, the reason why the word "pimp" was invented.
I popped caps in that watermelon with my Browning Hi-Power.
by Captain Dan February 26, 2005
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A device which converts (most notably) hydrogen into electricity. They are extremely clean, quiet, and efficient, with the only emissions being heat and water vapor. They are MUCH better than internal combustion engines.
The Hydrogen Economy is the way of the future.
by Captain Dan March 04, 2005
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An activity and the participants in said activity who are extensions of The Establishment, and, ultimately, The Man. Indeed, cheerleading could be seen as social conditioning, a preparation for a life's service to The Establishment through the systematic brainwashing of said cheerleaders and suppression of any semblance of free thought or assembly in a high school/college environment. Indeed, cheerleading and cheerleaders could be seen as analagous to The Establishment, and cheerleader captains could be seen as analagous to The Man, with both entities feeding their unjustified and undeserved power.
Cheerleaders dress identically and chant sentences which praise "The Establishment."
by Captain Dan January 09, 2007
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