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1. Melbourne/Australian slang for a GHB overdose. Can vary greatly in severity. Passing out uncontrollably and loss of motor skills are the most identifiable symptoms of a non-serious case. More serious cases involve vomitting and loud indecipherable yelping or yelling. Can result in death.
2. Someone that frequently overdoses on GHB.
1. Carl: Did you see that dude blowout outside.

Paul: Yeh. What an arsehole.
2. Frank: Have you spoken to Sam?

Sean: No, he's a filthy blowout.
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Originating in Mentone, VIC. a Lowis is someone that repeatedly fails at simple tasks. Lowis' do not merely make mistakes however, they also fail to learn from them.
Boss: What is this on the floor Paul?
Paul: Grease, boss.
Boss: Grease is not used to clean the floor Paul. I told you this yesterday and last friday.
Paul: Woops... Sorry boss.
Boss: You're a fucken Lowis, Paul.
by Captain Caaaaaavvvveee maaaann February 28, 2010
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An extremely bonehead political move. Usually done right after winning an election. Named after Kevin Rudd, Australian Prime Minister that thought it would be a good idea to raise booze prices in a nation of boozing voters.
Politician: I've raised the tax of pre-mixed spirits by 200%!
Aussie Jack: Dude, you just pulled the biggest rudd I've ever seen.
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Also see bitchcunt
A fearful individual. Completely useless in moments of confrontation.
Dude 1: Come on, we can take 'em!
Dude 2: Nah lets just get of here.
Dude 1: Don't be such a pussycunt.
by Captain Caaaaaavvvveee maaaann February 14, 2008
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The Combo is a selection of moves to stimulate one's sexual partner. The Combo consists of:
The Shocker IoIIo (two in the pink, one in the stink)
The Rocker \oo/ (index in the pink, pinky in the stink)
The Spocker \\ // (two fingers pink two in stink)
And the Showstopper \III (three in either, one in the other)
Guy 1: Damn man, I hit this bitch with the combo last night, she moaned like a dirty, dirty whore.
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A Dogcunt is a person that has betrayed either a member of his/her friendship group or the group as a whole.

The act can be malicious eg; sleeping with a friend's parner, or non-malicious such as leaving a friend to face a beating in order to save one's own skin.
Friend one: I heard thomo fucked your mrs?
Friend two: Yep... Fucking dogcunt.

Friend one: So paul just left you to cop a beating from 3 guys?
Friend two: Yep. If he had've stayed we could have taken them, but I couldn't take three by myself.
Friend one: What a fucking dogcunt.
by Captain Caaaaaavvvveee maaaann February 08, 2012
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Slang term used for Ecstasy and other similar pills. Can also be called rounds or round ones
Chuck: Hey mate. You got the roundies?
Jonny: Fukn oath.
Chuck: Awesome.
by Captain Caaaaaavvvveee maaaann February 28, 2010
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