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A ritualistic birthing method practised almost universally among humans in the western hemisphere and most of Europe. Also known as a "c-section".

In a Caesarean section, the fetus is extracted through a large vertical incision usually going from the naval to the pubis mons. This method of birthing does not result in the usual birth-related stretching of the vagina, thus preserving what many hold to be a sacred orifice.
Dave's dating this cougar. He said she's had five kids, all without a Caesarean section. He swears you can tie her meat curtains in a knot.
by Captain Vimes May 28, 2011
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A booger that, during initial exploration is hard, well formed, and seems easily retrievable, but when removal attempts are made, it some how disappears.
I thought for sure I had a nice one on the line. I put my finger back in my nose to get a better angle and sure enough, it was a heisenbooger.
by Captain Vimes May 27, 2015
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