6 definitions by Captain Spaulding

Not liking a person or group with a good reason. Having had experience with a person, you do not like that person. A rational generalization.
After spending a year working with mechanics, i became postjudice against them, and did not trust mechanics.
by Captain Spaulding June 12, 2003
The exhaustion you feel after hanging out with gay friends.
Ashman was suffering from fagtique after spending an entire weekend with Billy and Ronnie while they constantly had anal sex.
by Captain Spaulding April 23, 2020
1. n. What appears on your dippity when you leave it out overnight.

2. n. A brand of hair gel introduced in the 1950's.
1. When I looked out the window, I saw that my dippity was covered with dippity doo.

2. When I looked out the window, I saw that my dippity was covered with Dippity-Doo. Weird.
by Captain Spaulding October 30, 2003
n: a small piece of sweaty sock material found stuck to the bottom of one's foot after wearing shoes all day. Plural form is same as singular.

v: To remove farb from one's foot.
1. After taking off his socks, Biggles was amazed at the quantity of farb on his feet.

2. After much debate, Biggles began to farb.
by Captain Spaulding October 28, 2003
When Biden mistakes his blood thinners for viagera prior to a speech.
We have to delay Bidens speech, the President Erect took the wrong pills again.
by Captain Spaulding November 7, 2020