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Buffet Whale - The enormous fat people that eat large amounts of food at the local buffets .
Our meal was interrupted as the herd of Buffet Whales entered the restaurant.

We we're surprised there was any food left after the buffet whale left the restaurant.
by Camel Toe Bunchalotta October 05, 2012

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A game played by women. Escaping a social situation, due to expelling gas from the vagina. A game couples play, she hides and queefs and he looks aimlessly to find her.
She was an expert at {hide and go queef}.
He was a {hide and go queef} victim.
The dog got blamed for a bad {hide and go queef} game.
by Camel Toe Bunchalotta September 26, 2012

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The ever growing clothing fad among'st fat women. The large selection of plus size Eeyore shirts in Clothing departments.
She got an Eeyore shirt on sale.
Doesn't that Eeyore shirt make her look huge?
Look at those huge Eeyore shirts.
I can't believe my mom wears Eeyore shirts.
Why do all fat women wear Eeyore shirts?
by Camel Toe Bunchalotta October 02, 2012

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