4 definitions by Calvin Hobbes

When a member of a particular race, usually a caucasion female, willingly develops a relationship with a member of a different race, usually an African-American male.
My sister is dating a black guy. She's a total race trader.
by Calvin Hobbes September 12, 2006
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An attempt by the Omaha, Nebraska city betterment committee to create a slogan for the city. Unfortunately in their attempts, they didn't realize the sexual connotations that are now associated with it.
slogan-"Buy the Big 'O!'" Originally coined to keep commerce in Omaha businesses. Now means to go downtown and get a prostitute, or in some other way purchase a means of orgasm.
by Calvin Hobbes September 16, 2006
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A word coined by the television show Futurama, by the Amazon women. It means the act of copulation.
In Futurama, the Amazon women's corporal punishment was "death by Snoo Snoo."
by Calvin Hobbes September 15, 2006
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A game usually played at a party or in the locker room. A group of guys encircle a cracker or pile of crushed crackers (usually saltines) and ejaculate on it. The one who cums last or cums the least has to eat the soggy crackers.
Whenever I play soggy crackers, all I can think about is your mom, so I end up having to eat the pile, with a spoon.
by Calvin Hobbes September 12, 2006
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