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Though the media portrays the members of this and other gangs as victims of American society, the proof shows this isn't the case. Gangs with L.A. origins usually flower where lazy and unchallenged youth live. In their minds the gang members think they are courageous and independent. This couldn't be further from the truth. The 'gangsters' aren't courageous because they shoot from moving cars and often hit innocent victims and because they only fight when the odds are overwhelmingly in their favor. Also they are not independent as they usually dress alike, act alike, collectively do nothing creative, and are dependent on government assistance for most of their lives. The happiest person is a recovering gangster.
All crips have the same desire: to became famous in their own minds.
by California1800 October 18, 2007

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A descendant of seafaring Polynesians that once ruled Polynesia from Samoa to the North, (Tonga is the term for 'south' which is why the country is named as such, being the southernmost part of the Polynesian Kingdom), Fiji to the West, and Marquesas to the East. Because Tongans loved (and still do today) the physical and mental challenge of overtaking others' lands and property, they sought and overcame much through war and wit. Today many Tongans are proud of the fact that their island home has never been overtaken or ruled by a foreign entity. (Every other land in Polynesia was eventually overtaken by foreigners although it might not have been so if the Tongans had remained in power.) Tonga remains Polynesia's lone monarchy. It has at its roots thousands of years of rule by chiefs and kings of Tongan heritage.
Son: Those Tongans are some big boys.
Dad: The smaller one's ancestors were killed off in war and illness over the centuries, and because there was never an influx of new, smaller, foreigners the people have remained overwhelmingly big, strong, and smart.
Son: That makes sense.
by California1800 October 18, 2007

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