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Communism is the final stage of the political reform started witha revolution, according to Marx. First masses of workers will rebel in a industrialezed country; they will implant a socialist government in order to adapt the country for later changes. After private property is banished, and the people possess everything, thenthere will be no need for government, thus the state will be destroyed, to form a society with no social classes. It important to remember that Marx knew that the mentality of man needed to change in order of this to work. He believe in the concept of the "new man" who was humble and just. It is also important to remeber did not believe in a country alone with this structure, but he believed that the whole world adapt to this change. Given this, it is safe to say that no country has ever achieved communism, and anyone who has a sense of equality do agree with this utopia.
No, Russia was not communist, neither is Cuba.
by Cako May 14, 2004
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A dictatorship, in the true sense of the word, represents a TEMPORARY government established in times of severe civil caos. A group of people, the take power, and reorganize the state with authoritarian rule for a short period of time. In practice, this group of people do not take power to reform the state for the benefit of the people, but for the benefit of themselves, and, usually, stay in power for a long period of time.
Dictatorships don not work in practice
by Cako May 14, 2004
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A person that is overweight or higher than normal percetange of fat in the body. It varies with the weight of the person.
Jeremy is kinda chubby... he's tons of fun!

John can't even fit in the elevator man, he's like 4 tons of fun.
by Cako August 12, 2005
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