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Another term from St.Helens, England.
It is an insult which means you have ate too much cake and when you shit, shit out cake and therefor have a "cakey shitter", this can also be related to Smelling that cake.
Quinny: You've got a Cakey Shitter!
Jones: Eurgh, fuck off!
by Cake Bøi November 22, 2010
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a term made in St.Helens, England.
Basically it is an insult to one who has a "cakey shitter" from eating too much cake.
If you are told to "Smell that cake!" you should feel ashamed as it is the ultimate burn.
Sean: Kyle Smell that cake!
Kyle: Shut up!
Rest of the class: Whey!
by Cake Bøi November 22, 2010
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an exceedingly good biscuit, which feeds the soul.
Jay: Nice biscuits lad.
Pez: Spirit Biscuit!
Jay: Kushdy biccy larrr!
by Cake Bøi January 07, 2011
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