2 definitions by Cageman

1. The guy that always puts the company first.

2. The guy that does the company a favor by coming to work, even on vacation.

3. The guy who states, “ If we had more employees like me, we’d only need half of what we have.”
4. The guy who goes to HR and makes us situations in an attempt to have an employee fired and to deflect attention away from himself for his own actions.

5. The guy who talks to the boss everyday and points out what everyone else is doing wrong.

6. The guy who constantly violates company seniority, but complains when he is violated.
Chris the company hero came in today to work while on vacation.
by Cageman December 24, 2019
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Throwing a handful of pennies at strippers or homeless people.
Dang man, we had such a great time shotgunning those women last night.
by Cageman December 23, 2011
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