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Similar to a blumpkin, except it means to receive a blow job while playing the internet game, Bloons.
"Emily I told you I didn't have time for sex, but I'll take a Bloonkin."

Jerry's Bloonkin was so good he beat level 100.
by CaddyDan February 18, 2009

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The act of taking a female out to lunch if you aren't that interested in her, instead of the more expensive dinner date.
John: Mary has been calling me all week.
Bill: Might as well brown bag a bitch.

My welfare check didn't come in so i had to settle for brown bagging a bitch.
by CaddyDan May 03, 2009

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Similar to Tourette's Syndrome, Call of Duty Syndrome causes irritability, nervous tics, and outbursts of swear words. This usually happens when someone gets killed repeatedly in Modern Warfare 2.

Dan: Dude, turn the Xbox off. Your Call of Duty Syndrome is flaring up again.
by CaddyDan March 28, 2010

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